16th May, 2005 3 days to go until Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith! smile

In honour of the fact I have released an Episode III preview collection of icons in the Star Wars section of the site.
Just a small set based on some official Buddy Icons. I will be adding some new icons after I have seen the film and books.

  As soon as I have finished creating some more icons for you I will post them here for you to download. Until next time! smile

8th May, 2005 Summer approaches fast and here's another icon set. smile
  In the Star Trek section has I've added a new Enterprise set. Based on the crew of the current Star Trek TV series.
  Added a couple of new Links. Including The Private Universe. This is a UK based Star Wars new site where I help out. With The Revenge of the Sith so close to release I can't wait! smile
  I'll post a new update soon. With so many new films coming out I'm going to be busy! Thanks for visiting Ace Icons! smile

19th April, 2005 A new year, a new server and at last a new update! smile
  Shocking news, Ace Icons is still here! A year has flown by and many things can happen. But I'm still here making icons for you!
  The Star Wars section has a new Episode I set. This wasn't made by myself but I have improved on it. Rather than being lost on the Net now everyone can use it. See the section for more.
  Ok, I've updated the Links page, also added Fantastic Four to movies. I plan on making some icons from the new film coming.
  I've highlighted many great sets from The Icon Factory too. Their icons have been amazing lately and are a must have!
  I am going to try and update more often but I won't promise too much in case I let you down. Thank you to all who have continued to visit my little site, and hello to any new people! cool

19th April, 2004 After another long break I have updated the site! smile
  I have added a few new icons to my PC Games Covers set. So now it has games like Call of Duty, Max Payne II, GTA Vice City and other classics. Since then there has been new games out, so I'm already behind! I removed the large 96 sizes too to make the whole pack smaller. Look in the More Icons section.
  Updated the link to Iconaholic. This site is worth a look!
  It doesn't fit my links page, but for a nice Mac site from a fellow UK Sci-Fi fan take a look at a digital Portfolio by John Hood.
  Lastly a BIG hug to Mindy from the great The Icon Factory for her continued support and promotion of my site. smilecool
  More updates as soon as I can. Or if I stop playing SWG. wink

19th February, 2004 Well it's a bit late but Happy New Year to you all! smile
  I'm sorry for the lack of updates to the site since Christmas. I've had many delays due to work, family illness and loss. sad
  I'm still experiencing problems with my Counter and they have yet to be resolved. So I have put up a temporary estimate.
  Thanks also to all the visitors from Smallville Fans
  I'm trying to finish up an update for the site but things are going slow. Don't worry though, I'm not done yet! cool

15th December, 2003 Christmas time is here and I'm really busy with my work! sad
  Well I found time to make a new icons set! You can locate it in the Television icons area of the More Icons section.

The newest collection is based on Smallville, the TV show following the young Superman. There are 20 icons to use containing all the major characters included. cool

  Thanks to everyone who downloads my stuff and I'm glad you liked my Matrix icons. I'm still working on stuff so I hope you will come back in the New Year! Merry Christmas to you all! smile

24th November, 2003 A lot of delays but at last a new update for you. smile
  I've added some new Icons in the Matrix section. A set based on Trinity from her appearances in The Matrix Reloaded. I have more Matrix icons to come in the near future. cool
  The icons I was making have been delayed for the time being. I'll finish them later sometime. Hopefully I'm back on track now and I will return to making sets which I find fun to do.
  I hope my next update won't take so long next time. wink

7th November, 2003 I'm sorry to say I've been a bit tied up with stuff lately. sad
  A big thank you to all my visitors! The Counter has been flying along recently. It's great that so many people from all over the world visit and like what I have done on my site. smile
  Ok I have icons to make! See ya soon! wink

17th October, 2003 A few more icons online for you this time. cool
  I've opened the Spider-man section with a few icons of the web swinger himself. There will be more sets to follow soon.
  Also I have made a few LOTR: Return of the King icons. These are based on official teaser images. I will create more ROTK icons once the film has been released and I've seen it.
  The More Movie section currently highlights an amazing Tron set from The Icon Factory. smile Worth checking out! I will be creating some of my own Tron icons in the future also.
  Thanks for looking, until the next time! wink

10th October, 2003 Wow! It's amazing what a link on a page can do! smile
  After only 3 days the Counter has shot up over 1,900 hits! Thank you to my new visitors and all you Mac users. And a very special thanks to Mindy from the great The Icon Factory. cool
  Ok I've uploaded my 2nd biggest icon collection to the site. 33 icons of the main characters from LOTR: The Two Towers. smile
  The Fellowship pack has been the most popular icon download on the site and I think these icons will top that! I really had fun making this set so I hope you all enjoy it. Let me know! wink
  I've tidied a few things around the site. Added some previews.
  Already some icons are done for the next update. So I better go and work out what I need to make next! cool