1st October, 2003 After a long break another update is done. cool
  Thanks for all the hits from you followers. Slow but steady and it's past 1000 already. It's not all me I swear! wink That's with my so much still to do also. I'll keep at it till I'm there.
  I've completed the Terminator 3 section. Added some T-850 icons and created lots from Rise of the Machines. So now you can pick and choose your favourite Arnie icon! wink
  Next time there will be a big LOTR update! So keep looking.
  Also hello to any visitors from The Icon Factory site. smile
  Don't forget to tell your friends and feedback through E-mail would be great. Ok, back to work. cool

1st September, 2003 Ok Here we go again, I've got more Icons for you! smile
  This time it's a Star Wars update with 58 new icons created! I've opened 2 more sections in the area for the new icons.
  First off we have Darth Vader icons in the Empire section. Many icons of the traitorous Jedi and evil Dark Lord of the Sith.
  Then we have the new Expanded Universe area. This will cover all aspects of the Star Wars series. Starting with Jedi Knight from the PC game. I put them here instead of games because they're from FMV of the actors rather than graphics.
  Lastly there's my Star Wars Files. These can be used to replace any boring document icons you have. Or you can associate them with custom ones, like mods or save game files. wink
  Well that's enough for you to go on with. More next time! cool

15th August, 2003 Right time for some more site updates! cool
  The Hulk movie section is now complete and has a total of 26 icons for you to use! There are 2 sets. One for the Hulk himself and the other the supporting cast members. Take a look.
  Also added are Reloaded Posters Icons in the Matrix section.
  A collection of 14 icons created from various The Matrix Reloaded posters. There's icons available for the main characters
  All the Movies updates seem to be on the right side but it's just the way it's going. I will get to the others soon! wink
  Lots more to do still. More Star Wars icons next time. Remember to E-mail your feedback and anything you would like to see! smile

1st August, 2003 Well I've had a very busy 2 days. I made lots of changes and stayed up late making more icons to update with! smile
  In the Rebel Alliance section I have now added a Rebel Pilots icon set. Featuring some of the famous fighters pilots.
  The X-Men area has had X2 Posters added. These are icons made from some of the X-Men 2 poster images.
  Also I have updated the Neo icons in the Matrix section.
  Lastly hello to visitors from Adrian's Action-Figure site. cool
  Still lots to come. Just have to work out which to do next!

22nd July, 2003 Time flies when you're busy working! cool
  Longer than I thought since the last update but I have been creating during that time. I've got 2 new sets up and ready now. A total of 21 icons for you to decorate your PC with.
  Firstly The Lord of the Rings area is now unlocked in the Movies section! The first set of icons is The Fellowship based on the heroes setting off on their journey.
  Also I've added to the Terminator section Terminatrix icons.
  I've also decided to no longer have the 256 colour format in any totally square icons. It seems not many people use it, plus they should look just the same on Windows 98 with high colours. Also this will make the icon file size lower.
  Any icons with transparent backgrounds will still have a 256 colour format. If you are not using XP and find that they don't match the pictures then please E-mail me so I can look into it.
  More updates to come. So many icons so little time! sad I've just got the Daredevil DVD, hence the improved logo. So now I can get better images for icons from that. Till next time! wink

28th June, 2003

The first update is now online. cool

  The Rebel Alliance and The Phantom Menace areas are now unlocked in the Star Wars section.
  You can find a new Icon set in each of those areas to download. More Star Wars icons to come.
  Also a slight restructure to the More section. I've now added Television Icons. Originally it was going to be part of the Movies area but I decided to split it into two parts.
  TV will feature many Sci-Fi TV shows. For example Babylon 5 and Farscape. Movies will cover other films like Indiana Jones, Ghostbusters and Superman.
  The TV section has it's first download already. A set based on Stargate SG-1. Thanks to Major Wes Janson for his help and feedback with these.
  Still lots to do but I'm working on it.
  If there's a particular Icon area that you would like me to concentrate on then drop me an E-mail and tell me. I'll take it under consideration. wink More icon updates to come soon!

21st June, 2003

The site is now open! smile

  There are currently 9 sections open for you to look through. Downloads are available now with links to other cool icons on some pages. No point competing if someone's done it better.
  I'm working on more icons so more areas will be ready soon. It's going to take a while to get all the sections open, so please bear with me. Have to play games sometime!
  If you like the site and the icons so far, then I would love to hear your comments! You can use the E-mail link in the menu
  And of course, tell your friends! wink

May - June, 2003 Creation of the site and the icons.
  After I worked out the initial ideas I wanted it actually all came together really quickly. I put together lots of new icons and converted my old ones to match the style.
  I'd like to thank Matt for his amazing help in constructing the site and Tony for his support. cool