If you are wanting great Movie, TV and Star Wars icons to use on your PC, then this is the place to come!
Loads of icons from the top films in high quality.
This site is best viewed at 1024x768 screen size.

Hi, I'm Ace Antilles. I created this site as a place to get lots of high quality icons, for use in Windows. They work great when using them as Shortcut links.
Having made many shortcuts to my files, I was fed up with having to use bad cartoon style or default icons for them. So over the years I have constructed loads of my own icons! They use more colours and are of a higher photo style.
After searching the Internet there seems to be a big gap of these type of icons on the PC. Many icons are either very plain or poor photo conversions.
Even official sites offerings are slim or only have Buddy icons. Something that I do not use. So I decided to share my icons online for other people like me!
Here's a comparison of some of my icons to others I have found on the Net.

Icon comparison

Most of my icons are Science Fiction related as that's my main interest.
My icons use the new Windows XP format, 32 bit colours with Alpha Channel. This means I can make the icons look better than ever! Most of my icons will look best viewed at the 48x48 size. They also come in 32x32 and 16x16 sizes.
Because of this users of Windows XP will get the best looking results. Make sure though that your colour settings are set as high as they can go.
In places I've also provided links to some great icons created by other Authors. As there are so few good ones around, it's only helpful to point them out to people. So when you click on the link it will take you to that icon page.
I have also put a few icon sets from other users on here. On my trips around the Net over the years I've found some nice ones which should be shared more. The original locations have been lost in the depths. Sadly I have lost the original creator info or they never had it. So if you know then please tell me.
Any feedback you might have on my icons or site is always welcome.
So please drop me an E-mail with comments or requests.

Site guide
I plan to create a lot of Icons for the site. That will take some time of course. So bear with me if there is a closed section until I can add some more.
Here's a guide to what you can expect in the different sections.
Updates will show you what's new and give you the latest site information.
The Movies section is dedicated to some of my favourite most popular films.
This is a large area and I will add to it over time. New movies released will be updated in the relevant section. Like The Matrix and The Lord of The Rings.
Star Wars is my main interest. You can find a range of different icons based on the Trilogy and the Prequels. From characters to media covers.
In the More area I will place an assortment of icons. Other general things I have created. From TV series, more movies, Star Trek, games and Windows.
My Links page has links to some great icon, movie and fan sites on the Net.
And don't forget to send me an E-mail and leave any comments you have.
Please DO NOT place my files on other website's or link to the downloads!
I have spent a lot of time creating this site for my work to be stolen. Placing a link to my home page on your site is always great. My banner can be found in the Links page. Any further enquiries can be dealt with by Mailing me.

My icons have been created from various pictures, scans and screenshots.
I take no credit for creating the original images that they are based on. I have used pictures from too many areas to remember where I got them but I thank them for helping me out.
You can not sell my icons or put them on any sort of commercial pack including CD collections.
I am making my Icons not for commercial purposes but only as freeware.
You may not take credit for creating these Icons. Do not alter these Icons in anyway and redistribute them. It is not allowed to link directly to my files from another site.
Myself and this site are in no way affiliated with any of the movie companies represented. Nor is it endorsed by them. Anything you download from this site is at your own risk! All images, copyrights, trademarks and licenses remain the property of the original movie studio or creator.
This site is in no way affiliated or connected with other sites of the same or similar names.
I will not be held responsible for any loss or damage through the use/misuse of these items.
By downloading items from this site you agree to these conditions.