Announcement Please make sure you allow pop-ups on the site, or you won't be able to view or download any of the icon sets. Thank you. smile
  Please DO NOT upload my files to yours/others sites. Placing a news items about the site is much appreciated but not uploading them or linking to the file directly. Thank you for co-operating smile

9th March, 2009 Over 2 years since my last update! Oh dear. smile

Is Ace Icons dead? No. Well it was kinda. I've changed hosts and lots of other stuff has been going on. I've not stopped making Icons but putting them here got sidetracked.

  This update is just to say that I am still here and I hope to have some new icons soon.
  I am working on a BIG overhaul to the site. Adding and removing some sections. Making things simpler for me. Not every idea I had is going to happen anymore. It may take some time to finish as I want to get it perfect first. Doing well so far so wish me luck.

So hang in there and make sure your links are set to

Thanks to everyone that's continued to visit and support my little project. smile

27th October, 2006 Sorry for the long delay in releases. Too many distractions. smile

I've finally opened the Superman area of the Movies section. It will feature the films and TV series and other icon projects. smile


The 1st release is from Superman Returns. There are 30 icons featuring Superman, Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, Clark Kent and more!
I've also uploaded these to Macintosh format for those users

  There will be a Smallville update eventually. Season 6 is good.
  Any feedback is great, drop me a Email. Happy Halloween! smile

26th July, 2006 Damn it's hot! I hope everyone gets some Sun. smile

Just stopped in to say sorry for the lack of updates recently. smile With this heat it's hard to work and my job is keeping me busy.

  I am working on a new icon set and will have it up ASAP.

6th June, 2006 Summer is here, so here's more stuff for you to download smile

I've updated one of the Games sets. PC Games Covers Vol 2 includes some of the newer games that have come out recently. You can see the full picture list in in the More Icons section.

  I'm glad you are liking my X3 icons. There will be more soon. smile

23rd May, 2006 Small icon addition for you to have this

Added to the Star Wars - Rebel Alliance section are icons featuring Han Solo and Chewbacca. Now you can see the scruffy looking nerf herder on your desktop! See you soon. smile

13th May, 2006 My site host has been having some problems lately. With it going up and down. I apologise for anyone trying to access the pages.

7th May, 2006 This update is from one of the years big blockbuster films! smile

X-Men III: The Last Stand is the 3rd in the series out this month and I've created some icons for all you Mutant fans out there! smile


The icons are called X3: Mutants and they are in the X-Men section. I made them from official pictures of the cast. There are 20 icons featuring Wolverine, Magneto, Storm and the others.

  I'm trying to make some new Star Wars icons right now and I'm planning more X3 sets to come later. Enjoy the film. Snikt! smile

17th April, 2006 I've been steadily working and the latest icons are done! smile

This set is based on the TV series Battlestar Galactica. It's an updated remake from the 80's. It's one of my must see shows.


A big set of icons again with 34 to use, with all of the main stars and ships. I've also converted these to Macintosh icon format.
Download these from the More - TV section of the site. I hope all of you BSG fans will enjoy using them on your desktop. smile

  Also hello to any visitors from gfxOasis. A great site for all
types of customizing, graphics and helpful forums too. smile
  There are some cool movies coming out this Summer. I hope to have sets to release with them. So it's back to work for me! smile

10th March, 2006 Ok time for some new icons for you to use! smile

The newest set is from the film Batman Begins. Probably my favourite film from last year, I enjoyed creating these icons. Another large set with 30 icons of all the well known characters.


I have also converted this icon set to Macintosh icon format.
You can download these from the Movies - Batman section of the site. I hope you like them. Drop me an E-mail with feedback

  I have to decide on what to make next. If you have a request for a section to work on then please tell me. Until next time! smile

1st March, 2006 I swear I don't plan on yearly updates! smile

Time flies! Life can get become mad at times and stops me doing what I want. smile I've decided to simplify my original plans a little bit to make it easier to get more icons online for you to use.


I have shuffled the Movies page around to be less cluttered. Many sections have been condensed into 1 area and others that were planned will be added into forthcoming icon collections.


Macintosh users form a small but welcome % of my site visitors.
I'm going to make a few Mac icon conversions of popular sets and see how they go. I've not tested them on any Macs though.

  The 1st set is: LOTR: The Two Towers from the Movies page.
I've changed them into ICNS format. I hope you enjoy
  I'm working on another icon set at the moment and will upload it as soon as it is ready. I will try to get it done soon, I said try! smile